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Lighthouse puts the world’s leading music industry experts at your fingertips.

Access invaluable market insights and get guidance on succeeding in new countries from the local pros who’ve done it.

Find, connect with, and learn from trusted music industry experts around the world to develop your musical project or business beyond borders.


How Does Lighthouse Work?

Members pay a small monthly fee for access to our tools and tips for international development, as well as our curated roster of music industry experts and knowledge marketplace. They then pay à la carte to view online courses and book consulting sessions.

Experts join for free - no pay-to-play here! - to create a profile and offer online courses and consulting sessions. Experts set their own rates for their content and services, in the currency of their choice. Lighthouse handles all bookings and payments, taking a commission on courses and consulting services.

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Lighthouse Experts

  • Share their knowledge and insight into their local music market and put their country's music industry on the map
  • Offer pre-recorded Online Courses & Virtual Consulting Sessions for Members at rates they set themselves
  • Lighthouse handles video conferencing, booking and billing
  • Lighthouse takes a commission on courses and consulting sessions, so we only make money when our Experts do
  • Join for free
  • Verified, must apply with 3+ recommendations from peers
  • Can purchase a membership to access Member features
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Lighthouse Members

  • Learn about music markets worldwide to help prepare their music export strategy
  • Access Lighthouse's music industry Expert map and browse Experts' profiles
  • Take Online Courses (starting at 5€*) and book Consulting Sessions (starting at 20€/hr*) offered by Experts on our Lighthouse knowledge marketplace
  • Receive exclusive members-only content, tools and offers
  • Pay a small monthly fee (starting at just 10€/month*) with no commitment
  • Can apply to become Experts to access Expert features

   *Prices before any applicable tax

Lighthouse Features

Why Become a Member?

Access Practical Tools & Tips

With new members-only resources every month

International music industry expert map

Explore Our Map of Experts

And enjoy unlimited browsing of Experts' profiles

Virtual consulting sessions with music industry experts

Schedule Virtual Consulting Sessions

Get personalised insights and advice from the experts on the ground

Online courses for music business

Watch Exclusive Online Courses

Learn about new music markets from industry insiders

Lighthouse Experts

Who Are Our Experts?

From a top digital marketing specialist in Germany to one of the UK’s hottest A&R managers and everything in-between, our Experts know the ins and outs of their local music industries. They’re leaders in their sub-sectors, passionate about what they do, and love sharing their knowledge with those looking to break into their market.

Verification check

Verified Leaders in their Local Music Markets

Our Experts are individually approved, each with at least 3 recommendations from fellow music industry professionals.

From Around the World

Lighthouse can already accept Experts whose businesses are registered in 35 countries including the US, Canada, UK, all EU countries (except Croatia), Switzerland, Norway, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and we're working to add even more!

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Diverse Group of Global Music Industry Professionals

We carefully curate our roster to ensure it reflects the world we live in and is inclusive of all regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender or disability.

No Pay-to-Play

It's free to join as a Lighthouse Expert. We take a commission on the online courses and consulting sessions offered on our platform, so we only make money when our Experts do.

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Interested in becoming an Expert?

Our Values

Who Are We?

Lighthouse’s keeper is Compass Music, an international music consultancy with a conscience. At the helm, Géraldine Zanaska brings a decade of industry experience and an ambition for making the music industry more inclusive, equitable, and environmentally responsible.

These values are our magnetic north.

We believe in and actively work to ensure:

Diverse community of music industry professionals

Gender Parity & Diversity

Our roster of global music industry experts is gender-balanced and both reflects and champions the world’s diversity.

Fair pay for music industry experts

Fair &
Prompt Pay

We think everyone should be compensated fairly for their work. We also know firsthand how rough the waters can be for business owners and freelancers.

Reducing carbon emissions in music export

Greener Practices

We love travel but not the environmental impact of unnecessary or inefficient business trips. Learn about a market online with virtual courses and consulting sessions to minimise your footprint and maximise your time on site.

What They're Saying

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