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Here at Lighthouse, we see a better way forward for business, one that brings in more people and perspectives to encourage international cooperation, an exchange of ideas, inclusivity, accessibility, and more sustainable practices. 

Are you on board?

Help us makes waves in the music industry, support industry professionals worldwide, and boost your organisation's international profile by partnering with Lighthouse.


Here’s What a Partnership with Lighthouse Could Mean for You:

Global Music Companies

  • Get your brand in front of a highly qualified audience of international music industry professionals.
  • Establish yourselves as experts in your field through branded online courses or sponsored articles, highly visible and accessible to both our Members and Experts free of charge.

Music Industry Trade Organisations

  • Offer your members an additional perk with discounted rates on Lighthouse memberships or free Lighthouse memberships (bulk membership pricing available upon request) to help them jumpstart their international development.
  • Promote your organisation and its expertise through branded online courses or sponsored articles.
  • Showcase your services and allow people to easily get in touch with you directly from your Lighthouse partner profile.
  • Let us take care of sourcing experts for your panels or events.

Music Export Offices & Cultural Institutions

  • Promote your country’s market and educate global music industry professionals through branded online courses or sponsored articles.
  • Put your country on the map, literally! Recommend your nation’s top Experts to the platform so the world can see your country’s finest talent. We’ll fast-track their applications and add them to the Lighthouse Expert map.

Showcases & Music Festivals

  • Promote your event (physical, online, or hybrid) and efficiently reach a new audience of music industry actors across many countries and continents.
  • Offer discounted or free passes to Lighthouse Members or Experts to boost your event’s international draw and visibility.
  • Help future attendees prepare and get the most out of your event with branded online videos and sponsored articles full of insider tips!
  • Find the best export-ready talent for your event by getting your calls for applications seen by leading artist managers and artist development teams around the world.
  • Let us take care of sourcing experts for your panels or events.

Educational Institutions 

  • Offer your music business students access to all of Lighthouse’s own resources and tools to learn about today’s most promising music markets.
  • Let Lighthouse founder Géraldine Zanaska prepare and lead a bespoke module or workshop on the importance of having an international development strategy in the modern music industry and how to think globally.
  • Get help sourcing experts for panels, debates, or to be guest lecturers.

As a partner, you’ll be able to upload free courses for our users and will also have a dedicated partner page on our platform. Partner pages feature your logo, a description of your organisation plus links for Lighthouse Members to get in touch with your team. You’ll also get full Membership benefits including access to our one-of-a-kind Expert to find trusted music industry professionals around the world, as well as practical tips, tools and articles in Lighthouse's Logbook.

A Bit About Our Audience & Reputation

  • Our Experts are leaders in their field from both major and emerging music markets across the globe, and come highly recommended from at least 3 other music executives.
  • Our Members are varied: artist managers, record label executives, publishers, booking agents, as well as self-releasing artists.
  • Over 1500 music industry professionals across the world (from 25+ countries!) have already signed up for our newsletters and more than 3,000 follow us on social media.
  • Compass Music’s articles have been viewed by people in 123 countries. Visitors from an average of 50 different countries read our content each month.
  • Compass Music founder Géraldine Zanaska has over 10 years experience in music export and international development. She has been invited to speak about music export and international development at several top European music conferences, as well as lecturing at esteemed colleges and institutions.

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